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Farmyard Friends

Blashford Manor Farmhouse, Salisbury Road, Ringwood, Hampshire BH24 3PF
01425 471779
07812 139750

Our Blashford Manor Farmhouse family has grown!

We now have 14 lovely hens that provide us with fresh eggs every morning for our guests. All our hens have different personalities and love to follow you around the yard; you will make friends in no time. We also have 8 baby chickens, all different breeds – they are fluffy and funny to look at, along with our 2 baby turkeys.

Hank and Jessie are our mischievous and very playful pygmy goats. They love a good hard scratch on their head and belly and if you stop, they often follow you around wanting more. They like to have little tug at what you are wearing to get your attention (naughty goats). They aren’t a fan of the rain and really dislike wet ground; their favourite thing to eat is brussel sprouts……….YUCK!

Mable and Margret are our Boer goats, they joined our family in June at 3 months old.

Our 7 wild Soay sheep are inquisitive but really big scaredy-cats. They like to see what you are up to but won’t let you get too close. So, once a year we have the joy of chasing them around the paddock for their annual clipping.

We hope our Blashford Farm keeps growing, in the future we plan to have giant rabbits, donkeys, alpacas and much more so keep your eyespeeled!

We love our animals so much we would like to give our guest the opportunity to get to know them.

We are offering a 40-minute hands on experience for an optional contribution. This entails a 30-minute play time, grooming and feeding with Hank, Jessie, Mable & Margaret and 10 minutes with our lovely chickens, feeding them their yummy treats and hunting your own eggs which you can keep. You can even pick them up for a selfie!

We kindly ask you to not feed the animals without supervision.

Book on arrival or over the phone 01425 471779.

Alternatively, please use the form below to enquire.

Terms & conditions apply.

Farmyards Friends Animal Experience

kayleigh hugging a pygmy goat
kayleigh with hen on her shoulder
Boer goat
Visit the New Forest in Style

We look forward to welcoming You!

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or require further information.